Shoulder-to-Shoulder Partnerships

We care deeply about our founders’ success and provide guidance and relevant support along the way. We are there when our founders need an outside opinion, and connect the dots among our network to unlock more business opportunities. Once we partner up, we’re all in and proudly become brand ambassadors.


Together, Passionality Partners have over 200 years of hospitality experience as well as deep expertise across a variety of disciplines including business strategy; operations; marketing and communication; development; franchising; design and construction; human resources; social and digital media; finance; and internationalization. Yes, we’ve been busy.


We have worked with the world’s largest and most diverse hospitality businesses. Our powerful network is receptive and engaged, and we are privileged to engage it on behalf of our owners.


In addition to our vast expertise and network, we deploy capital as appropriate to help owners accelerate growth, develop infrastructure and build their teams.

Working Together

As Investors:

We provide opportunities to participate in scaling innovative brands in unconventional segments and with compelling returns

As concept founders:

For those founders of authentic hospitality concepts that share our values and are a genuine cultural fit, we provide access to our expertise, our deep network and capital as well as a chance to scale your brand shoulder-to-shoulder with people that always put relationships first.

As brand operators:

For operators seeking to license, franchise or joint venture innovative hospitality concepts, we welcome the dialogue to determine whether a natural fit exists to join in growing our brand portfolio globally

As strategic partners:

For organizations that can complement our capital, network and expertise, we embrace diversity and always enjoy exploring how 1+1=3

As team members:

For those searching to make an impact beyond a paycheck and want to be a part of the cause, let us know. We love people, especially those whose values and passion we share.

Brands We’ve Helped Grow