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Nomadic Resorts is an interdisciplinary design & project development company servicing the hospitality industry since 2011 with offices in the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and South Africa. Using a holistic approach, Nomadic Resorts creates sustainable resort and residential projects that reflect a true sense of place and fit organically into their natural surroundings. Nomadic’s core belief is that designs should serve as a bridge to connect nature, culture and people.

At the core of Nomadic’s offerings are the company’s custom developed tents. Designed for maximum comfort, durability and offering unprecedented resilience against the elements.

In 2019 Nomadic Resorts entered into a partnership with The Passionality Group to launch Nomadic Escapes. Through this partnership Nomadic Escapes will design, develop and operate tent-centric glamping resorts in key destinations around the world.

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Joint development and strategic growth