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About the Brand

Livit is one of world’s leading design and architecture firms in the hospitality, F&B and retail space. More than just architects, designers and developers, Livit passionately creates and evolves concepts by designing unique guest experiences. Livit’s success comes from a multidisciplinary approach that takes all aspects of a brand into account to improve the guest’s experience, and ultimately the brand’s bottom line.

In 2018 Passionality Group entered into a strategic partnership with Livit to leverage its expertise in the fields of design and architecture towards Passionality Group’s brand portfolio. As part of the agreement, Passionality Group will work with Livit to create and optimize guest experiences across all Passionality brands.

Livit Facts:

  • A Livit-designed experience opens somewhere in the world every 8 hours
  • Multidisciplinary team headquartered in Madrid, Spain
  • Active in the United States, Spain, Kuwait, Netherlands, Panama, Dubai, Hong Kong, France, Egypt, Germany, Philippines, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Australia, Qatar, Canada, Bahrein, Costa Rica, Sweden and China
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